Chose the cosmetic solution tailored to the hydration level and the real necessities of your skin

Hydro Essence #HY01


Multifunctional formulation developed to take care of dry skins. This cosmetic formulation is characterised by an essential active ingredient derived by a combination of Sodium PCA and Sodium Lactate, natural components of the skin hydration factor (NMF). They stimulate the hydration of the skin, increasing its brightness. The lotion contains other precious functional elements:

COLLAGEN protein present in the organism, it allows cells to renew and it supplies important additional nourishment to the skin.
LISINA: skin's essential amino acid, it shows hydrating properties and an antioxidant action.
HONEY: natural substance with emollient, protective and nourishing properties.

Pure Essence #PR01


This formulation is enriched by two botanical extract:s: Pinus Pinaster bark extract and Epilobium Fleischer extract. The synergic action of these actives enhances the final effects of the product, targeted for the dermacosmetic treatment of sensitive skins, red skins and inpure skins with acne predisposition. The formulation is made more effective thanks to ingredients with:

sebum-normalising action which balances the excess of sebum on the skin's surface rebalancing the hydrolipidic layer.
Purifying action which contrasts the proliferation of bacterias , giving relief to the skin while hydrating and soothing it,
ingredient of 100% natural origins.

Age Essence #AE01


Pinus Pinaster bark extract formulation, rich in polyphenols which prevent cellular ageing and protect the fundamental elements of the dermal matrix. They help to slow ageing processes by restoring normal hydration, making the skin softer and more elastic. Radical scavenger formulation enriched by specific active elements with the following properties:

Intense antioxidant action which contrasts the formation of free radicals, partly responsible for skin ageing.
Attenuation of the main signs of skin ageing: dry skin, wrinkles, reduced elasticity.
Ingredients of 100% natural origin

All the Aquae lotions of the Essence line do not contain preservatives, perfumes and colorants, minimising the risk of allergies.