• KIT Essence Moisturizing (HY01)

KIT Essence

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Choose the KIT Essence by Aquae that suits you best. The elegant packages contain all you need to start to look after your skin according to the Connected Beauty philosophy.

In the package you will find the MiLi Pure Spray II device with its recharge cable and the praactical pouch bag, an Aquae lotion (50ml) and the QR code you will need to activate the AquaeEssence APP that you can download from Apple Store or Google Play, according to the operating system of your Smartphone.

  • CODE: AQES-HY50-01
  • SHADE: HY01

  • Moisturizing

    Multifunctional formulation developed to take care of dry skins. This cosmetic formulation is characterised by an essential active ingredient derived by a combination of Sodium PCA and Sodium Lactate, natural components of the skin hydration factor (NMF). They stimulate the hydration of the skin, increasing its brightness. The lotion contains other precious functional elements:

    COLLAGEN protein present in the organism, it allows cells to renew and it supplies important additional nourishment to the skin.
    LISINA: skin's essential amino acid, it shows hydrating properties and an antioxidant action.
    HONEY: natural substance with emollient, protective and nourishing properties.

  • Pure Spray II

    Innovative Smart Device able to detect the hydration of your skin and balance it to its optimal level.

    Elegant and practical, with its ergonomic and discrete design, the MiLi pure spray II is a dermocosmetic device ideal to be carried in a pourse or a travel bag, in order for you to be able to take care of your skin at any time, even away from home, or when travelling. The MiLi Pure Spray II is safe and it can be used for any kind of skin.

    The MiLi Pure Spray II analyses the lipidic level and the umidity of the skin with two electrodes situated at one end of the device. This method is called BIA (BIOELECTRIC IMPENDANCE ANALYSIS), a safe and effective method which measures the speed of electricity when travelling from an electrode to the other.

    Water is an excellent electricity conductor, therefore the skin will be more hydrated when the electricity speed will be higher.

  • Warnings

    The Aquae lotions have been developed to be dispensed with the MiLi Pure Spray II that you will find in the KIT Essence. The device has been calibrated by the manufacturer to dispense our lotions only. If you try to dispense our lotions with a different device not calibrated to this specific molecular weight, the risks are: malfunction or breaking of the device, or the active ingredients not performing correctly.

  • Content

    • 50ml bottle of Moisturizing Aquae lotion • MiLi Pure Spray II (detector/dispencer) • Micro USB recharge cable • Black pouch bag • User manual (ITA / ENG)


Essence lotion Moisturizing (HY01)
Essence lotion
Moisturizing (HY01)
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