Our principle is to bring innovation in the way we take care of our body.


    Innovation plays a key role when developing new solutions, even in the cosmetic industry. The Aquae project was born after an attentive analysis of the most advanced instruments and resources available today. We want to propose products and services that meet people's real needs, offering measurable, effective benefits for their wellbeing.


    We manufacture products with latest generation formulations and innovative active ingredients in collaboration with some of the best Italian cosmetic labs. We are always researching and developing new solutions, counting on collaborations with top players in the cosmetic industry. We want to offer something that did not exist before, while satisfying the most demanding customers.


    When we talk about health and wellbeing, the first aspect to consider is safety. This is the reason why we offer cosmetic solutions that respect every kind of skin, even the most delicate ones. To choose Aquae means to be sure of the quality of each product, developed and manufactured following the most advanced techniques that modern cosmetic research has to offer, always respecting the regulations in force.


    The Aquae philosophy becomes a real user experience even in our commercial policy. Thanks to collaborations with some selected retailers in Italy, everyone is going to be able to try our products even before to purchase them, in order to experience their effectiveness before buying, .