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  • Nothing comes out of the MiLi device, what might have happened?

    In case the device stops dispensing, verify that the device battery is charged, that the tank is full and that all the operations mentioned in the user's manual have been followed. If the device is still not working, some air bubbles might have formed: gently shake the device and try again. The device should start dispensing the nebulised lotion again.

  • How can I clean the MiLi device?

    The cleaning process of the MiLi device can be done following some simple precautions. Use a dump cloth and DO NOT put the device under running water. Bare in mind that the device is electric and contains a battery, exactly like a smartphone. Anyhow, refer to the user's manual in the package.

  • Are any of the Aquae products tested on animals?

    NO! We have NEVER run tests on animals and we never will, We follow the European legislation that officially prohibits to run such tests. (CE n.1223/2009)

  • How long can a lotion be open for?

    3 MONTHS. By law, each bottle has a PAO (period after opening) printed on the lable in a little symbol that represents an open jar with a number in it, followed by the letter "M". The writing in the symbol indicated the number of months the product lasts after opening.

  • I started using the Essence system. Can I use make up products?

    Make up products can be used before and after every treatment; we wish to remind you that many cosmetics do not allow normal skin's traspiration, compromising a normal physiological wellbeing.


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