• Essence lotion Purifying (PR01)

Essence lotion

34,90 €

A good quality cosmetic might not be enough for a healtier skin: you will have to apply the right quantity of product with the right frequency.

Essence by Aquae formulations, developed for the MILi pure spray II, offer a very high nourishment yield. The micronisation of the lotions increases the effectiveness of each treatment, enhancing the performances of the active ingredients.

  • CODE: AQ-PR50-01
  • SHADE: PR01

  • Purifying

    This formulation is enriched by two botanical extract:s: Pinus Pinaster bark extract and Epilobium Fleischer extract. The synergic action of these actives enhances the final effects of the product, targeted for the dermacosmetic treatment of sensitive skins, red skins and inpure skins with acne predisposition. The formulation is made more effective thanks to ingredients with:

    Sebum-normalising action which balances the excess of sebum on the skin's surface rebalancing the hydrolipidic layer.
    Purifying action which contrasts the proliferation of bacterias , giving relief to the skin while hydrating and soothing it,
    Ingredient of 100% natural origins.

  • Warnings

    The Aquae lotions have been developed to be dispensed with the MiLi Pure Spray II that you will find in the KIT Essence. The device has been calibrated by the manufacturer to dispense our lotions only.

    If you try to dispense our lotions with a different device not calibrated to this specific molecular weight, the risks are: malfunction or breaking of the device, or the active ingredients not performing correctly.


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