Keep an eye on your skin's wellbeing with your smartphone.

Activate the application.

After downloading the App on your smartphone for free, you will have to activate it. Just scan the QR code inside the Kit Essence. From now on you will be able to access all the functions that will enrich your experience; you will also be able to purchase the lotions online with no shipping costs.

Targeted tests

Our skin is not always the same. Every area of our body has its own characteristics and necessities. Download the APP and pair it to your MiLi to discover the specific needs of hands, face, neck, mouth, eyes, decollete. .

It takes only 5 seconds

It is very easy to activate the hydration level test, it takes only 5 seconds for the result to appear on the screen of the smartphone.

Calibrated dosages

The Essence system accuracy allows you to dispense only the right quantity of product for the analysed area even several times per day, if required.

Data analysis

You can use your Essence system to monitor your skin's health through time. The Aquae-Essence App memorises all the data, respecting your privacy.


The Aquae-Essence APP can manage several users in one smartphone. This means: one App for the whole family!


The APP offers some important suggestions that you can deactivate whenever you want, that help you to look after your skin in a simple and immediate way.

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